In 2022, a new chapter has opened in Saïd Tichiti’s musical life: under a new name, with a new sound and new collaborators, he continues on the path he began more than two decades ago.
In his latest project ancient Gnawa, Shaâbi and Hassani songs meet Western styles such as dub, funk and psychedelic rock. By evoking the aesthetics of these modern styles and leaving spaces for improvisation and experimentation, he brings the ancient desert traditions to new horizons. In this mission he is accompanied by some of the finest musicians of the Hungarian creative music scene.
Said was born in the south of Morocco from a Berber mother and a black African father. He is established in Hungary since 1998, where he founded his band Chalaban one year later.
Chalaban’s music organically blends Afro-Arab and Central European musical influences and instrumentation.
During its twenty years of existence, the band have released 6 albums, played numerous concerts in Hungary, Europe and Morocco. This adventure was crowned by a one month-long successful North American tour, performing in the major cities from New York and Los Angeles, through Chicago, Montreal and San Francisco to New Orleans.

Saïd Chalaban: Vocals, Guembri, Oud, Percussion
Ádám Mészáros: Guitar András Kálmán: Keyboards András Koroknay: Bass Guitar Zsolt Krecsmáry: Drums