Chalaban Band was founded in 1999 in Budapest by the Moroccan musician Saïd
Tichiti. The diversity of the group’s sound is defined by the musician’s Afro-Arab
roots, with their lively, exuberant Moroccan music enhanced by elements of
Carpathian Basin, Roma and Balkan music, all while singing in Arabic.
Being a melting pot of different nationalities, Chalaban aims to act as a vessel of
the ancestral musical education Saïd had been acquiring since his childhood.
This music goes beyond folk vision to create a merger between instruments and
melodies of south and north, east and west. The result is that each Chalaban
concert is full of desert spirituality, melancholic melodies, ending with an air of
Chalaban has played their captivating musical mixture to great acclaim not just in
Hungary but throughout Europe, Morocco and elsewhere. Their music is featured
in the 2018 documentary film “Échos du Sahara”, which examines the 20-year
career of the band’s leader. The film sees Saïd return from Budapest to the Sahara
Desert, where he draws inspiration from the spiritual Hassani culture and presents
a fruitful encounter of diverse musical traditions.

Chalaban’s Line-up:
Saïd Tichiti: Lute, Guembri, percussion and lead, vocal
El Hassane Lahjari: Percussion, vocal
Izsák Vidákovich: Saxophone and flute
Dávid Torják: Bass guitar
Bálint Kovács: Guitar
Ferenc Golovics: Drums

Chalaban released 6 albums until now:

2000: Moroccan Nomad / Orphea Bt

2002 : Al Baraka / Fono Records

2004: Moroccan Spring /NarRator Records

2006: Nejdeb / NarRator Records

2009: Hashish Freee / NarRator Records

2017: Gleimim: / NarRator Records (presented in October 2017 in a sold out concert in the Palace of Art (MÜPA) in Budapest.